We’re open. It’s a pandemic, how can that be?

Using the COVID-19 Prevention Checklist Public Library Guidance from the state of Maine, this is what to expect when you visit.

  • Masks are required, available if needed.
  • No more than 3 visitors in the library. Families may bring 5 members.
  • Your visit should be limited to 15 minutes.
  • You will sign into the library and provide a contact number.
  • Use hand sanitizer on arrival.
  • Library electronics will not be available at this time for lending.
  • You can prepare for your visit by using the online catalog found at the top of the webpage. You can browse by author, title, location (children, young adults, etc.) to make your choices.
  • Curbside delivery is available is you prefer not to enter. You may make your request by email( ( or by phone ( 207-963-7556). Upon your arrival to the library parking area, call 207-963-7556 when you arrive.
  • We offer limited home delivery if this is your only option.
  • Returned library items are held for at least 72 hours before returned to the shelves.
  • If you use ebooks or audio books, you may use the Cloud Library app. You will need your library number, call 207-963-7556.
  • WI-FI is available outside the library into the parking area.